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 Reservation for Two MEP

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Reservation for Two MEP Empty
PostSubject: Reservation for Two MEP   Reservation for Two MEP EmptySun Oct 13, 2013 1:22 pm

This is the MEP that caused a lot of stains, strains and innumerable sorts of problems since November 2012 (yes, I'm not kidding. We started in November 2012). Most parts are at least months old.
Recently, the ''Just finish'' approach was taken in order to finally be done with this God-forsaken project. But little did we know, the outcome ended up being quite nice. Although, the conclusion made after finishing this MEP is that it's likely to be that we are NOT going to edit action-focused MEPS..(well..if chosen music can be both beautiful and editable to everyone -coughnoonethoughtthiswayaboutthissongthocough-)
Special thanks To Lynn (Kurowona) for being our guest in this MEP! Very Happy

Song: Reservation for Two by Ill Nino


01: Ninetailsrox: Shana Movie  
02: Sirenaim / Ryo
03: Yumemiiru / Little Busters  
04: Anzu10694 / Black Rock Shooter (OVA)
05: MentalTsui / Naruto
06: Bloosomangel10 / Hunter x Hunter
07: MentalTsui / Naruto
08: AmvFiction / One Piece
09: Sirenaim / Ga-rei Zero
10: Kurowona (Guest) / FMA:B
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Reservation for Two MEP
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