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PostSubject: [Sirenaim] Savior   [Sirenaim] Savior EmptyFri Jan 10, 2014 7:12 pm

Finally a new edit! Razz 

Song: "Siren" by Kat Krazy (x)
Anime: Munto (TV)
Time taken: Roughly 10-12 hours with a lot of procrastination

Howdy everyone! :'D
I've had such a frustrating editor's block for the past couple of months that I decided I'd just pick a random song and anime combo, edit to it just to relieve some stress and there we go, at least it's almost 2 minutes long!
I didn't really take this edit seriously, I just wanted to breathe out a little and well, I had fun making this (aside from the continuous lagging and crashing of Vegas yours truly).
It was also more of a reason to try out filters, seen as I recently decided to download AvsPmod and try it out, and Munto is a 480p source.

Enjoy. :3
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